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Updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Malaysian authorities have recently put in place additional regulations and control measures in light of the recent spread of the coronavirus, also better known as Covid-19.

Some of these include:

  • Increased traffic control - The hotel will scan the NRIC or passport of all guests and their visitors at the front desk. This is to ensure that we have proper and complete records of all traffic in and out of the hotel. We urge all guests to kindly co-operate with us as such information may come handy in identifying and managing any potential risk exposures to the virus.
  • Duty to report potential cases - There is a duty on all individuals to report to the authorities if they or any person(s) they have recently been in contact with feel unwell, and have developed symptoms such as fever, cough, respiratory issues or cold. If you are feeling unwell, please make yourself known to our front desk team. Our front desk team will re-direct you to the nearest clinic to have yourself cleared. Failure to do so may result in a fine, imprisonment or both by the health authorities. 

At the hotel hygiene and the safety of all guests is a priority. As such, we have introduced a more stringent cleaning process to reduce the risk of infection within the premise. Some of these include:

  • Training for all staff on disinfecting public areas;
  • Training for all staff on proper personal hygiene, including correct WHO-approved method of washing hands;
  • Use of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) in disinfecting surfaces in the hotel (e.g. lift buttons, door handles, front desk, phones)
  • Use of Dettol and Anti-bacterial solution in cleaning the floor and public area furniture;
  • Stringent food-preparation procedures to prevent any cross-contamination;
  • Tight security in and out of the hotel premise to ensure no unwanted guests or visitors are allowed in the area

To reduce your risk of infection, we recommend all guests and travelers to:

  • Practice good personal hygiene;
  • Wear a mask in high-traffic areas such as in shopping malls or when using public transportation;
  • Avoid crowded areas where and when possible;
  • Be picky about your source of food - if you are eating in small stalls, only order items that are hot and freshly cooked;
  • Avoid iced drinks if you are not sure of the source of water used to make the ice;
  • Reject all food items that are not properly cooked through;
  • Clean and disinfect your hands regularly